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Here is the thing, when I first heard they were making a “Thor” movie, I was very apprehensive. So before I discuss the amazing trailer just released for it (and embedded below for your viewing pleasure), I would like to explain to you why I felt that way.

There are certain superheroes whose story is out of this world … literally. Their origins span galaxies and, at times, even universes. Stories so grand, I can’t see them be told unless they are made to that exact same grand scale they deserve, something along the lines of “Lord of the Rings” and “Avatar.”

Recently, they attempted to introduce the Silver Surfer to the big screen, but in limiting a story like Silver Surface to just our solar system or less, it loses all of the vast greatness of the character. And although “Fantastic Four 2” was a fun family movie, it didn’t give that character the introduction to the world that it deserved. The Silver Surfer is a rich and detailed love story. It starts in another far away world, spans the galaxy and finally finishes here on Earth.

Next we have the “Green Lantern,” which worries me too, greatly, for that story cannot be told any differently than what I just explained about Silver Surfer.

But then something amazing happened; I watched the leaked SDCC clip for “Thor” and my hopes for it were invigorated. Over five minutes worth of out of this world movie footage. Yes, they created other grand scale worlds, with cool architecture and unique-looking castles and scenery. I loved it.

Now, that brings us to this recently released official trailer for “Thor.” Like the previous footage I had already seen, this time around they manage to balance the time between the story here on Earth and the other worlds, while still managing to exude the required grandness I’m always talking about.

The trailer starts here on Earth, with a captured “Thor” (Chris Hemsworth) being interrogated by S.h.i.e.l.d. Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg of “Iron Man”). Coulson is wondering where this man got the kind of training that it took to be able to defeat his best-trained agents.

That’s when the trailers goes racing into a bombardment of scenes that engulf our eyes into the majestic comic book world we can only dream for them to bring to life. It is definitely grand and we get glimpses of all the fantastic cast this movie has brought together. Anthony Hopkins plays the mighty Odin, who is punishing Thor and banishing him to Earth. Natalie Portman plays Jane Foster, the character that finds Thor when he crash lands. The movie also stars Rene Russo, Ray Stevenson and Stellan Skarsgård.

The simple movie description doesn’t even begin to describe the magnificence of this amazing trailer. The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.

What do you think? Does it impress you as much as it impressed me? Give me a shout out in the comments.

“Thor” will be released May 6, 2011, and I’m already waiting in line.

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  1. Mo GB #

    Looks great.

  2. Robert D. #

    It really is pretty awesome. Marvel movies are setting the standard for hero type films.

  3. Dave #

    looks epic!

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