Trailer Talk: ‘Toy Story 3’ (International Version)


Can you believe “Toy Story” came out 14 years ago? The (mis)adventures of Woody, Buzz and co. captivated the hearts and minds of children everywhere then and now it seems that “Toy Story 3” is going to pull off the same trick next year.

The trailer for “Toy Story 3” shows that Woody and the gang are going to be dealing with an issue that was touched upon in 1999’s “Toy Story 2.” The problem is that Andy — the child the toys belong to — is growing up and moving on to college. Thankfully, Woody seems to have accepted this and is dealing with it properly which is more than can be said for Rex and a few others.

After (another) accident that results in the toys being dumped at a pre-school playgroup and thoroughly kicked around by the playful yet careless children, Woody leads the team on an escape mission and a search for a new home. It does seem a little cookie-cutter from the trailer and plot synopsis, yet I’m sure it will have children, as well as a few adults, laughing along — Hamm’s mention of checking their prices on eBay being a particular favourite from the trailer.

But in the end, we know that any “Toy Story” film is going to be a high-quality affair. This film is going to be head and shoulders above any other recent Pixar or Dreamworks offering. Come next year when the film is released, Andy will be the only child who doesn’t care about these toys anymore.

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  1. Disco #

    I really didn’t care for TS2, so I’m wait and see on this.

  2. Josue #

    I loved TS! and TS2 although I thought there was no way itcould be any good, blew me away! it was as good or better than the first! so, i will not doubt them again! part 3 will be great!