Trailer Talk: ‘Vampires In Venice’


When moving to a new town, don’t be so fast to accept the first “good deal” you come across.

Keith (played by Edward Remington Hoffman) is a new actor who arrives in Hollywood on All Hallow’s Eve, and despite the weird neighbor who says evil is everywhere, he rents an abandoned house in Venice. His first night isn’t as relaxing as he might have hoped it would be, as he is attacked by a creature, rescues a mental patient locked in his basement named Laci (Aleksei Archer) and is threatened by a group of “fanpires” — that would be fans of vampires — and he has to admit something is messed up here. Soon, Keith is starting to have illusions and strange desires and he feels a strange change from within. With Laci’s help and an infamous cryptozoologist (Bill Cobbs), they undertake the mission of battling the dark forces welling up inside up Keith.

Written and directed by Deborah Goodwin, who lets you know that danger could be around every corner, “Vampires In Venice” also stars Jennifer Skyler, Obi Ndefo, Barbara Lee Bragg, Greg Albanese and Cary Embry.

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