Trailer Talk: ‘X-Men: First Class’ (Russian Version)


The Russian trailer for “X-Men: First Class” is a prime of example of how music can set the right tone.

Far superior to the American version — which has a lackluster guitar-solo playing throughout — the Russian edition is scored by a powerful orchestra complete with resonating choir. From the moment the violin sounds, we are immediately drawn into the unfolding scenes.

Another improvement is the added footage, which gives “First Class” a more dramatic and emotional vibe. There’s also more Charles Xavier and more Erik Lehnsherr. Truthfully, I care more about their story than that of the students and it was wise to make their turbulent relationship the main selling point.

Also included is an exciting clip of Banshee bellowing a sonic scream. Havoc is wreaking havoc. Beast transforms and we get a better glimpse of Magneto. Which brings me to my next point. Michael Fassbender has the most screen time this go round and in every moment, he demands our attention. Of course, the music helps. However, I get the feeling his portrayal of X-Men’s infamous villain will be the most talked about. Before viewing this preview, I was on the fence about “X-Men: First Class,” but now I’m definitely interested in seeing how it will turn out. Hopefully, January Jones is only in it for five minutes and the focus stays primarily on Charles and Erik.

“X-Men: First Class” opens June 3.

So fanboys and girls, what do you think of the Russian trailer?

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    It is a better trailer, well…more compelling than the US version of it. Makes it seem like such a bleak movie,if we compare it to other movies based on comic books who tend to go for the comedic approach.
    The guitar solo isn’t bad, but it does make the movie seem like a music video rather than an actual feature film.
    Can’t wait for it!

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