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“Death Race 2” might actually turn out to be better than expected. I really was surprised by the last installment and Jason Statham played his part well. It was full of surprises and I loved the way they were able to escape. All of these were pleasant unexpected treats from what I thought would just be an ultra-violent brainless movie. Instead, it took itself seriously and it paid off.

The original “Death Race 2000” is supposed to be a cult classic, but it never settled right for me. It made society out to be mindless, bloodthirsty and heartless. People would just kill for sport and for points. Everyone was a target and it was supposed to be fun. A very bleak future for mankind, and actually, they are still making movies like this (i.e. “Gamer”) So, I was glad the new “Death Race” actually justified (not that it is ok) why the races could be deadly, and the purpose those racers would do it. It was for their freedom. Some were legitimate convicts, murderers and rapist, but others were framed and innocent. The Death Race would give them the opportunity to get out, and have a life once again, no matter why they were sent to prison.

So, if you read our article for the official trailer (here) just recently released, you would know ‘Death Race 2” is a prequel. It will actually go back to the beginning. How they concept for the Death Races spawned, and how it was always just a media gimmick. Now, we can add to the trailer these two clips embedded below and get a full circle picture of the “Death Race” origin and more.

In the first clip, we discover they have been filming a show called “Death Match” in a island prison. The show isn’t doing very well and they aren’t taking advantage of all the space the island offers. So in this first clip, the beautiful celebrity September Jones (played by Lauren Cohen) is pitching the idea of another death game to the warden of the island (Ving Rhames), one which would involve a race throughout the large island. Check out the clip and see if you are sold on her business proposal.

In the second clip, we see the lead “Lucas” (Luke Goss) being courted by Goldberg (Danny “Machete” Trejo) into testing out the Shelby Cobra (Mustang) he would be able to race in. Goldberg also explains to Luke how Death Race is a sort of R&D for the government. Either way, Luke accepts and we get a little demo of his driving skills. He spins and reverses drifts, etc. By the time he gets a feel for the car, he seems invigorated and ready to take on the world.

Check the clips out and I guarantee you if you already excited to watch this movie, or are a fan of the first, you will really enjoy them. “Death Race” will be out on blu-ray and DVD on Jan. 18, 2011.

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