Two Clips from ‘I Do & I Don’t’


It’s official: Jane Lynch is hot right now. From her hilarious bit parts in movies like “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and TV shows such as “Two and a Half Men,” Lynch is finally getting the spotlight she deserves — and a recent Emmy nomination — as cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester on “Glee.”

She’s also getting another vehicle to show off her comedic chops — the recent movie “I Do and I Don’t.” The film, originally made in 2007, follows the plot of a couple, Bob (Bryan Callen) and Cheryl (Alexie Gilmore), who must go through church-santionced marriage counseling before being able to tie the knot. Sounds a little like the Robin Williams bomb “License to Wed”? Yeah, but these following clips prove that “I Do & I Don’t” will be much more enjoyable.

Bob and Cheryl are unfortunately being counseled by a crazy couple, Nora (Lynch) and Dick (Matt Servitto). Before you even listen to the dialogue in the first clip called “Sexual Issues,” just take a good look at the living room decor and at Nora and Dick’s outfits. Dick’s shirt alone is pure eye candy.

Nora is telling the uncomfortable Bob and Cheryl how important sex is in a relationship. When Dick is worried Nora is not properly connecting with the other couple, he brilliantly says, “God wants us to have sex. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have given us a womb and wang.”

Nora goes on to ask about Bob and Cheryl’s sex life, which, of course, they don’t want to talk about. Nora makes them increasingly even more squirmy by bringing up different, er, sexual activities and asking them what they like. But nothing can top Lynch growling, “I like it to hurt so good” and then giggling.

In “Exercise,” Nora walks in on Bob using an exercise machine and she literally scares him right off of the machine. Bob feels the need to tell Nora he’s not gay (we viewers may be missing a little info here), before Nora goes right in to kiss him while also grabbing him by the throat. Sexy. This leads to some pushes, shoves, slaps… you get the picture.

Say “I do” to “I Do & I Don’t” by ordering it online or looking for it in stores — it was released on DVD July 20.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    Jane Lynch has been hot in my mind, from indie comedies that no one has heard of like “Spring Breakdown” which is one of the funniest movies ever. She has shown me that she has the comedic chops and I will be checking out “I Do, I Dont” when it comes out on dvd.

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