Under Review: ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’


However, this remake definitely mirrors the original to such a degree that the previously described feat became impossible. It reminded me of the “Psycho” remake in that I didn’t feel it was so much as a new interpretation or a re-imagining as it was a mimic.

Also, horror movie opening scenes, to me, are the greatest tone-setters in the industry. Unfortunately, “A Nightmare On Elm Street” did not cut it for me as far as the opening went. After the opening sequence, I was really not expecting much from the rest of the film and was pretty much sure I was going to hate it.

I did not hate this film.

The camera work was great — it felt very much like classic horror to me. The acting was not the greatest, but it was just corny enough and thus enjoyable to a scary movie fan such as myself. There were blood and guts to be sure, but I would have definitely liked to have seen more, especially from Freddy Kreuger. The film incorporates several of the chill-inducing ideas from the original, including one particular scene involving a body bag which was always my favorite part of the original. Several death scenes and plot points were plucked from the original and plopped into this remake — which felt, at times, like more of an homage than anything else — but at the same time, I can totally appreciate and understand why the writers and director chose to take this route, it was those aspects of the original that generated the fan base and the following it had.

The music and score that were used were very fitting and I enjoyed the selections as they have a comical relief to them.

On the whole, there were some awesome scenes — I just wasn’t blown away. I wasn’t disappointed as I expected to be, but I certainly wasn’t impressed by any means. There wasn’t enough brought to the table for me to nibble at.

When looked at as a stand-alone film, “A Nightmare On Elm Street” could be viewed as an inventive and well-done movie. However, the original film was so inventive and interesting that a remake simply cannot have the same type of authenticity or impact. For the folks who saw this one who had not seen the original, the movie may work brilliantly. But as a long-time fan of Freddy Krueger, I have to say that although I was entertained and there were several “jump” moments, I felt some of the core emotions that drive the main characters and give Freddy his motives were absent.

That said, I think people should check the film out if they get a chance. If you have seen the original, it’s an interesting contrast, and if you haven’t, I have a feeling you will be thoroughly entertained. Freddy is back and, of course, like any horror film, there is room for several sequels. I’m still afraid to dream with the thought of Freddy in the back of my mind and that’s the best part of any Freddy film … he gets into your mind.

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  1. Adam P #

    Great story, I saw this movie tonight and not even being a big fan of the originals I saw certain omages to the first film, but overall it was slow in between killings and those gruesome scenes happenned so fast you just wanted more! Not a must see, especially if you are a major fan of the originals!

  2. 2

    It wasn’t in 3D! loved it!

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