‘Iron Man 2’ Featurette: Villains

— by CAM SMITH —

As I’ve surely stated in the past, I’m seriously pleased with Marvel’s approach to promoting “Iron Man 2” so far. They’ve veered refreshingly away from the uber-spoilery stuff (remember when they included the Tony Stark cameo in their “Incredible Hulk” ads? Ugh.) and have done a truly bang-up job selling the film for exactly what it is without caving into public pressure to lay out the really cool stuff. At this point, you should know whether you want to see the movie or not – and admit it, you really, really do! – regardless of how much more Whiplash or Black Widow footage there is left to toss up on an internet clip or TV spot.

Frankly, I don’t think it’s completely insane to declare that if all blockbusters followed “Iron Man 2’s” shining example, all of the world’s ills would instantly be erased!

Yeah, okay, maybe not. But at least I may actually be surprised a couple times during summer movie season …

Anyhow, Trailer Addict has a brief new clip online featuring the villains of “IM2” that’s been put together by that glorious bastion of intelligent film journalism, Entertainment Tonight! That’s right; get ready for excitement, kids, because the ever-chipper Mark Steines has a snazzy exclusive for you.

Like most ET pieces, it’s fractured to pieces in the editing room, held together by two-second interview snippets, glossy graphics, overly-bubbly narration from the show’s host and snatches of nifty footage taken from the film’s trailer. However, there are a few nice little peeks of Mickey Rourke in action as the flick’s laser-whip-wielding scoundrel and a tidbit of info regarding his training for the role that’s sort of amusing. It’s also cool to see Sam Rockwell get some attention – even if his character is referred to as “Justin Hamm,” despite the on-screen text saying otherwise – as he’s been largely absent from the theatrical preview pieces.

All in all, it’s pretty insubstantial stuff, but it will no doubt help momentarily placate those drooling in anticipation for the film’s May 7 drop date. As for me, I’m still elbow-deep in constructing an elaborate Whiplash cosplay suit for the midnight advanced screening. Hmm. Guess I better quit shaving and hit the tanning bed soon … I wouldn’t want to look silly, now, would I?

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