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Review: The Lovers and the Despot

— by RON WILKINSON — “The Lovers and the Despot” is a movie about a fascinating story. It is a story of love, betrayal, hero worship, international politics and film making. Unfortunately, although the story may someday be told, it is not told in this movie. Presumably, write[...]

Review: SEED: The Untold Story

— by BEV QUESTAD — “The diversity in our seed stocks is as endangered as a panda or a golden eagle right now. We have the largest seed shortage in history,” warns Will Bonsall, a long-haired, long-bearded 67 year-old dedicated to seed collecting. He reports that 94 percent of our tot[...]

Rocky Sequels: Which is your favourite?

The Rocky franchise is loved by millions, and its many installments and commercial success are very much testament to this. Its popularity is reflected in the Rocky-themed merchandise that is available to buy. From US flag shorts, to sweatshirts adorned with famous images, to Rocky slots on www.slot[...]

Review: Fatima

— by BEV QUESTAD — I am quite interested in the complex issues swirling around immigration because I shelter an immigrant from a third world country in my own home. As an orphan, he had no opportunity for a decent education in his home country and no prospects for a career. But after imm[...]

Review: For the Love of Spock

— by BEV QUESTAD — The raised eyebrow, the split fingers salutation, the mind meld and the dignified pointed ears: Spock represented a logically-evolved mind dedicated to the search for truth. Leonard Nimoy, who embodied this Star Trek (ST) character, became inextricably linked to his se[...]

Review: Sonita

— by BEV QUESTAD — Even though girls are not allowed to perform in Afghanistan or Iran, Sonita is absolutely obsessed with singing. This brave documentary follows her as she dangerously competes in, and then wins, an international online rap contest. Award-winning filmmaker Rokhsareh Gha[...]

The Top 5 Games of Thrones Twists … So Far

— by SEAN GERSKI — In the day of the DVR, no television shows are more valuable than those that require appointment viewing. Shows that need to be watched not only that same night, but must be viewed live, are few and far between now. Sports, and a few key reality shows, will always meri[...]

Review: A Beautiful Now

— by BEV QUESTAD — Daniela Amavia, the writer/director/producer of this haunting psychological study, is a stunning Greek model for Chanel and Dior who became an actress, director and producer. Shot in 18 days, “A Beautiful Now” is an insightful study not only into AmaviaR[...]

Review: Complete Unknown

— by RON WILKINSON — Writer/director Joshua Marston won the Silver Bear at Berlin in 2011 for Best Screenplay for “The Forgiveness of Blood” (shared with Andamion Murataj). You would never know it from “Complete Unknown,” a self-absorbed essay on the foibles of New York[...]

Review: The 9th Life of Louis Drax

— by RON WILKINSON — Louis Drax (well played by Aiden Longworth) fills the first 15 minutes with the narrative of his life to date. Eight years and eight near fatal accidents. He has contracted food poisoning of every variety, nearly electrocuted himself, was crushed in his crib by a fal[...]