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Review: Epicentro

— by BEV QUESTAD — Decaying, dilapidated, dark Havana are the first shots we get from Hubert Sauper, documentary filmmaker extraordinaire. But as the film moves on, with uninhibited scenes of sensuality and crashing surf, he ends up in a children’s ballet class. A little girl heading u[...]

Review: The Andorra Hustle

— by BEV QUESTAD — Andorra, the setting for this revealing film, is a miniature picturesque country with ski resorts and duty-free shopping tucked between Spain and France in the Pyrenees Mountains. But the embedded details of banking corruption, money laundering and back-stabbing juxtap[...]

Review: Buoyancy

— by RON WILKINSON — Cambodian Chakra is a slave in his own family. As tradition requires, his family’s farm will go to his older brother and Chakra will be a laborer for the family for the rest of his life. His protests are met with stern rebukes by his father. “Don’t complain, yo[...]

Review: The Speed Cubers

— by SIMMI SEN — At first glance, you may be wondering what a speedcuber is. Like running a mile in six minutes, being a speedcuber is a competitive sport where you solve a Rubik’s Cube in a matter of seconds. Being a speed cuber myself, I was overjoyed when I found the Netflix Doc[...]

Academy Museum to open April 30, 2021

— by LYNETTE CARRINGTON — The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will officially open on Friday, April 30, 2021, shortly after the Oscars®, which will take place Sunday, April 25, 2021. The museum was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Renzo Piano and features six floors of exh[...]