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Trailer Talk: ‘The New Daughter’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — This new Kevin Costner flick is going straight to DVD. Watch the trailer, and you’ll know why. The spouse-less John James (Costner), a writer, relocates his young kids Louisa and Sam to a new house in a small South Carolina town. Their house is surrounded by woods[...]

How It Should Have Ended: 2012

The comedic savants at HISHE (How It Should Have Ended) have set their sights on the John Cusack disaster movie “2012” and come up with a hilarious take on how the movie … well … should have ended.[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Centurion’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — There are some time periods in history, that when discovered, can give ground to many great stories and adventures. For example, the reigning periods of different ancient empires — as well as their demises — are a great setting for many books and movies. [...]

Four Clips from ‘Paper Man’

— by SEAN GERSKI — For a movie starring Jeff Daniels, Lisa Kudrow, Ryan Reynolds and Emma Stone, “Paper Man” has decidedly flown under the radar. The movie debuted at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival and subsequently was picked up by MPI for North American distribution. The[...]

Stark Expo 2010 Site Launches

— by BEN FOWLER — I’ve got to admit, I’m a sucker for a good viral campaign. The recent Tron Legacy virals are good, but the best is still the campaign hyping up the release of The Dark Knight. It can be inspired marketing if utilised correctly. Now, Jon Favreau’s soon-to-be-releas[...]

WonderCon to Give Away Black Widow Posters

— by SEAN GERSKI — Attendees of WonderCon 2010 — taking place April 2 to 4 in San Francisco — will get a chance to take home Scarlett Johansson. Well, they can take home a poster of her as the Black Widow, anyway.[...]

Five Exclusive Stills from ‘Changing Hands’

Veteran actor Scott L. Schwartz (“Oceans 11, 12 and 13” and “Starsky and Hutch”) recently premiered his directorial debut, “Changing Hands,” in Los Angeles. The movie — which features a star-studded cast including Kevin Sorbo, Antonio Fargas, Erika Elleniak,[...]

A Scene from ‘Date Night’

— by RACHEL COYNE — I’m generally not a fan of the movie clips that studios release before their movie opens. When watched without any context and with only knowing the basic plot of the upcoming release, the clips usually make little sense and don’t pack the emotional punch they’r[...]

Poster Peek: ‘Shrek Forever After’

— by BEN FOWLER — The makers of the final Shrek film, “Shrek Forever After,” promise a new direction and a fresh look after the lukewarm-at-best reception that its predecessor, “Shrek The Third,” received on release. A set of theatrical posters have been released [...]

About That New Godzilla Project …

— by CAM SMITH — Back in 1998, just prior to the release of Roland Emmerich’s “Godzilla,” my local Zellers had a massive sale on VHS tapes chronicling the big green guy’s destructive adventures. For about a month straight, I gleefully submerged myself into his colorful, c[...]

Five Clips from ‘The Last Song’

— by ALEXA MILAN — “Dear John” hasn’t even left theaters yet and already another Nicholas Sparks adaptation is headed to cinemas. “The Last Song” tells the story of Ronnie Miller (Miley Cyrus), a 17-year-old whose anger about her parents’ divorce linge[...]

How Not to Start an Interview

Research is fundamental.[...]

Poster Peek: ‘Killers’

— by ROB COX — First, in the interest of full disclosure, I must admit to having a certain amount of bias against Katherine Heigl. When I first saw her several years ago on “Gray’s Anatomy” (a TV show of which I’m not a fan) I remember thinking two things very clearly: “wow, sh[...]

If I Was Making … ‘Captain America’

— by BEN FOWLER — A new, regular feature here at IJM will be my thoughts and opinions on how I would handle a particular movie property or franchise that is filming or in some stage of development. To begin with, I thought I’d discuss how I would sculpt the perfect Captain America film[...]