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Spectre: Music Video

— by ELI COLON — Just last week, the final trailer for James Bond’s next mission, “Spectre,” arrived with a lot of action. It arrived not long after the film’s theme song, “Writing’s on the Wall” by Sam Smith, debuted online. And now the film and the theme song meet in [...]

Selma: Trailer and Music Video

— by ELI COLON — With the critically-acclaimed drama “Selma” now in limited release ahead of its nationwide expansion on Jan. 9, Paramount Pictures has released a new trailer for the film. This Ava DuVernay-directed biopic is a movie both of its time and our time, as DuVernay chronic[...]

Gone Girl: TV Spot & Soundtrack Preview

— by ELI COLON — There’s no doubt in my mind that “Gone Girl” is going to be great, because I’ve never disliked a David Fincher movie, but I’m starting to be more and more convinced this will be one of Fincher’s best works. For me, his best stuff has been “Fight[...]

Preview Steven Price’s Gravity Score

— by ELI COLON — There is less than a month to go until Alfonso Cuaron’s latest film, “Gravity,” finally arrives in theaters. As I stated in a previous “Gravity” post, I’m “trying” to see as little as possible of the film (stills, trailers, etc.) until I can fully enjoy t[...]

A music video for World War Z by Muse

— by SEAN GERSKI — For a movie featuring both zombies and Brad Pitt, the hype surrounding “World War Z” seems pretty small. I have heard a number of conversations by people regarding which movies they are most interested in seeing this summer and — I don’t remember anyone rea[...]

A Music Video from The Host

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — In theaters now, “The Host” is based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer (The Twilight Saga). Written and directed by Andrew Niccol, the movie stars Saoirse Ronan, Max Irons and Jake Abel (you can see two trailers from the movie HERE). Plot: When an unseen enemy t[...]

A Music Video from The Croods

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — Arriving in theaters tomorrow is the animated comedy “The Croods,” which features the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Clark Duke, Cloris Leachman and Catherine Keener. To get you in the prehistoric mood, we have a music video by Owl City �[...]

A Music Video from Damsels in Distress

— by SEAN GERSKI — When Whit Stillman’s “Damsels in Distress” played in theaters a few months back, the flick played primarily to people who already were fans of the writer-director. But now “Damsels in Distress” is out on DVD and blu-ray and this is giving a whole new group of[...]

A Music Video from Wreck-It Ralph

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — “Wreck-It Ralph” is one of those movies that had me hooked once I heard the concept. It’s about a video game villain who is tired of playing the bad guy, so he goes out looking for another game where he can be the hero. Of course, his absence puts his [&hell[...]

Skyfall: Music Video Blog

— by ELI COLON — As U.S. moviegoers are inching closer to the arrival of Sam Mendes’ “Skyfall,” recently released another video blog that focuses on the film’s music. Participating in this video are composer Thomas Newman and trumpet player Derek Watkins. The reason why t[...]

A Music Video from Frankenweenie

— by KATHLEEN COLLINS — Below, you can check out a new music video for the song “Pet Sematary” by the Plain White T’s. The song is for Tim Burton’s “Frankenweenie,” which is out in theaters now. “Frankenweenie” has two soundtracks. The first one features 22 so[...]

The Full Version of Adele’s Skyfall Song

— by ELI COLON — For weeks, we have been telling you that British singer Adele has been confirmed to perform the theme song from Sam Mendes’ “Skyfall” and that the song would have the same title as the film itself. Well, you can now listen and follow the lyrics in video form as Ade[...]

Depp, Portman Star in Music Video

— by ELI COLON — Recently, Paul McCartney premiered the music video to his latest song, “My Valentine,” at an event hosted at the Los Angeles boutique of his daughter, Stella McCartney. This beautiful and emotional music video was directed by McCartney himself and it stars Johnny Dep[...]

Music Video: Pitbull’s Men in Black 3 Song

Here is the music video for Pitbull’s “Back In Time,” the theme song from “Men in Black 3,” which will be released in 3D in theaters nationwide on May 25. “Back In Time” was written for the film by Armando C. Perez (AKA Pitbull), Marc Kinchen, Adrian Trejo a[...]

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