Review: The Uncertain Detective


This is a bizarre little film. Actually, it’s a film about a man making a filmed podcast called “The Uncertain Detective.”

“The Uncertain Detective” is about a detective (Gregg Lachow) and his assistant detective (Eric Ray Anderson). Their motto is “No case too small; no mystery too big.” They deal exclusively with cases that involve twists in our perceived world, such as criminals escaping justice by moving between dimensions predicted by string theory; discussing the implication of Schroder’s Cat (actually Schrodinger’s Cat) as applied to a man who might be both dead and alive; and a woman who want’s to go back in time to stop herself from killing her husband (whom she’s already shot).

The scenes from the podcast are in black and white, while Gregg’s actual life with his contemptuous wife (Megan Murphy) and slacker son (Charlie Lachow), is shown in color. This life is a softer version of what you might have seen on Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” if Larry was also producing and starring in a show within his everyday life.

All in all, this is a gently amusing look at a middle-aged man with a humdrum existence who finds fulfillment in a totally unappealing podcast that he and his family and friends write and appear in.

Gregg Lachow, who doubles and triples as director and writer as well as actor, has come up with an intriguing concept, which he presents at a very low key – maybe too low key – pace. The one exception to this is Eric Ray Anderson, whose enthusiasm for his part causes Gregg to want to remove him from the cast. Perhaps Gregg recognizes his inferiority to this more dynamic, more expressive person?

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