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Review: A Taste of Whale

— by BEV QUESTAD — A Faroese teacher who is also a pilot whale butcher explains, “I feel closer to nature doing this than going down there to buy my meat. I feel a little bit more proud that I know where it’s coming from … So, if I should make a statement, if you […][...]

Review: We Are As Gods

— by WILLIAM STERR — This is the story of fascinating octogenarian Stewart Brand. Brand, among other things, was the creator and editor of “The Whole Earth Catalog.” But that isn’t even the beginning. The documentary’s writer/directors, Jason Sussberg (“The Immortalists”), an[...]

Review: Echoes of the Empire

— by BEV QUESTAD — It’s a seductive title with alluring history. The haunting vast steppes of Mongolia, the fascinating life story of the relentless Genghis Khan, and the current precarious predicament of the Mongol people are juxtaposed in this scenic film of cinematic grandeur. Plus,[...]

Review: The Long Rider

— by WILLIAM STERR — Aspirational dreams. We all have them. Some of us actually achieve them; many of us do not. “The Long Rider” is the story of a young man, born in Brazil but raised in Canada, whose dream was to ride a horse from Canada, down through North, Central, and into South[...]

Review: Offseason

— by WILLIAM STERR — A woman, obviously in distress and emotionally fragile, speaks to us. She tells us of her fears, her nightmares, and how she has sought freedom from them. She was told of a place where she could be free, but it was false. Wherever she went, her fears followed. So, sh[...]

Review: Delikado

— by BEV QUESTAD — I’m sold on the cozy little tourist town with a warm, aqua-blue Neverland lagoon. Add to that abundant wildlife, jungle mountains and a beach Condé Nast rated the “Most Beautiful Beach in the World.” Palawan, the largest island in the Philippine province of Pala[...]

Review: The Prey: Legend of Karnoctus

— by WILLIAM STERR — You look at the poster for this film and, at least on the one I saw, Danny Trejo (“Machete”) is top billed. Other posters display him prominently. Pretty good work if you can get it, because Danny only appears early for three minutes and 49 seconds (9:25 – 12:1[...]