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Review: Gasoline Alley

— by WILLIAM STERR — Have you ever watched a movie and thought: “This wouldn’t be half bad if it wasn’t for that one actor”? (And especially when that actor is the draw for the entire movie?) Welcome to “Gasoline Alley” and Bruce Willis. I don’t know whether Willis is t[...]

Review: King Knight

— by WILLIAM STERR — Imagine the Brady Bunch from early 1970s television – but as a coven of witches in LA. The introductory scene to “King Knight” even has the three by three layout of pictures of the “family” with a cat in the center housekeeper position. We are introduced to[...]

Review: Strawberry Mansion

— by WILLIAM STERR — Released by Music Box Films, a distributor of foreign and independent films, this 2021 surreal production from Ley Line Entertainment deals with a future in which dreams can be recorded and played back to our conscious minds. Evidently everyone does this, and it is a[...]

Review: The Jump

— by WILLIAM STERR — This documentary, produced in 2020 but only recently released in the USA in Los Angeles, recounts a remarkable event that occurred on Nov. 23, 1970. At that time, a meeting was being held off the coast of Massachusetts between Soviet officials representing their fish[...]

Review: Ghosts of the Ozarks

— by WILLIAM STERR — Arkansas: The Ozark Mountains, densely forested plateaus, moonshine, Southern pride, ghosts. James McCune (Thomas Hobson – “Stone Fruit”) is making his way alone on horseback through the forested Ozark Mountains of northern Arkansas. He is headed for the town o[...]