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Review: Labor Day

— by JESSIKA OWENS — When I heard the name of a new movie, “Labor Day,” I immediately envisioned a tame comedy chick flick. Then the trailer was released and I became confused. That initial trailer was short and filled with dramatic crescendos. An image of Josh Brolin with hi[...]

See 2014’s Oscar-Nominated Short Films

ShortsHD, the world’s only Short Movie Channel in high definition (, working with Magnolia Pictures, will open “The Oscar Nominated Short Films 2014” in over 250 theaters across the United States, Canada and Europe on Jan. 31, with more than 400 theatres slated to screen [...]

Review: Call Me Kuchu

— by BEV QUESTAD — Religion, culture and politics menacingly collide in this documentary over the life of a proposed political bill in Uganda and the life of David Kato. In what turns out to be a more dangerous culture of vigilantes and extremists than they had bargained for, filmmakers [...]