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Review: Jurassic World

— by RON WILKINSON — Director Colin Trevorrow lands on the audience with both feet and eight claws in this thermo-nuclear explosion of dinosaur interactions that go horribly wrong. This is exactly what one would expect, given that mankind seems intent on finagling chromosomes until Hammo[...]

Review: The Yes Men Are Revolting

— by RON WILKINSON — When Yes Men Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno launched their “Survivaballs” into New York’s East River to protest the lack of an effective United Nations climate change policy, they were not surprised when legal action ensued (“Yes, just stay to the le[...]

Review: Me and Earl and the Dying Girl

— by RON WILKINSON — Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon won big at Sundance this year with both Audience Award and Grand Jury Prize and took home the Best Director award at the Seattle Film Festival for “Me and Earl and the Dying Girl,” a funny, touching and unabashedly honest look[...]

Review: A Pigeon Sat on a Branch …

— by RON WILKINSON — If the objective of art is to make one think, Roy Andersson’s latest trip into the dream world is a thought provoker to be reckoned with. Holger Andersson plays Jonathan and Nils Westblom plays Sam, two traveling salesman hawking novelties to make people laugh and [...]

Confidential: Trailer

— by JESSIKA OWENS — One of the more fascinating relationships often portrayed in film and TV is that between a psychiatrist and their patient. I imagine this is because the situation and circumstances allow the patient to be raw and vulnerable, and on screen, that is enthralling. I ofte[...]

Review: Aloha

— by RON WILKINSON — “Aloha” — Cameron Crowe’s first feature in four years — kicks off the spring movie season in style. Bradley Cooper, playing ne’er-do-well Brian Gilcrest, combines his “American Sniper” elite military role with his government dark ops h[...]