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Bev’s 2023 Best Documentary List

— by BEV QUESTAD — There were 167 Oscar-qualified documentaries for 2023. I viewed about 70, using award nominations from various organizations and my own interests as a guide. Documentaries serve as my post-graduate education. They extend my knowledge in history, geography, politics, ph[...]

Exclusive: Filmmaker’s Solution for Lebanon

Exclusive Interview Part Three: The Solution Daizy Gedeon with Ramez Tomeh, Beirut transcribed and introduced by Bev Questad, IJM writer What is going to happen to Lebanon? Its political and economic systems have collapsed. People can’t get their own money out of the banks and inflation has made t[...]

Exclusive: Filmmaker Exposes Corruption

Exclusive Interview Part Two: The Politicians Daizy Gedeon with Ramez Tomeh, Beirut transcribed and introduced by Bev Questad, IJM writer Daizy Gedeon, an ex-pat in Australia who has returned to Lebanon amidst its political chaos and economic fall, has created a film, “Enough! Lebanon’s Darkest [...]

Exclusive: Filmmaker at Risk

Exclusive Interview Part One: The Film Daizy Gedeon with Ramez Tomeh, Beirut transcribed and introduced by Bev Questad, IJM writer Lebanon has free-fallen from a robust bastion of capitalism and visionary democracy to a corrupt failed state incapable of maintaining a banking system or stable electri[...]

New Daniela Repas film in pre-production

— by BEV QUESTAD — It was a dark, rainy night as I walked into the hollow exhibition building on Portland Oregon’s Eastside, just steps from the cold Willamette River. Hung on repeated clotheslines were notebook-sized hand-drawn pencil sketches, hundreds meticulously crafted in testimo[...]

Recap: 2022 HP Lovecraft Film Festival

— by WILLIAM STERR — “The only festival that understands.” When the haze-dimmed sun lights days grown short, and the gibbous moon illuminates lengthening nights, the chill air is filled with cries of “Cthulhu fhtagn! Ph’nglui mglw’nfah Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’na[...]

Sedona International Film Festival winners

— by LYNETTE CARRINGTON — The film “Delicious,” a mouth-watering historical comedy pairing a gifted chef and his unlikely protégé who must find the resolve to free themselves from servitude in 1789 France, was named both Best of Fest and winner of the Director’s Choice Best Inter[...]

The best movies of Amandla Stenberg

Amandla Stenberg has been around for a while in the movie industry (since the age of four!). And there are several reasons why people love Amandla’s movies, including her movie’s views on gender, race, and many more. If want to learn more about her – or even if you are a fan looking for a [...]

Interesting benefits of watching movies

Movies are an interesting way to escape reality and leave a negative atmosphere. Movies can take you to another world that you have never been to, while creating certain emotions and giving you valuable life lessons. People who spend most of their time watching movies tend to be less stressed and de[...]

Different genres of movies

People should know the different genres of movies and the occasions during which they should be played. These different genres create certain moods and atmospheres. These types of movies teach different life skills and life strategies. Let’s explore some of the different types of movies and ge[...]

Amazing movies to watch with your partner

Movies are fun to watch, but it is extra fun when you watch them together with your partner at home. However, it can be a challenge to select a movie to watch together. Every person has their tastes and thoughts on what makes an exciting movie. You each try you pick your favourite, then choose [&hel[...]

Our Favorite Movies from Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” is one of the greatest talents to ever grace the entertainment industry. His talent has gone further to spill into the best online casino au industry through movies like “Jumanji,” the “Fast and Furious” series and many more. If you are looking to sit back and h[...]

Interview: Rob Paulsen (Animaniacs)

— by LYNETTE CARRINGTON — “Animaniacs” had its debut back in 1993 and most recently it took off again on Hulu, where it is now the platform’s most popular show. I recently got the chance to catch up with one of “Animaniacs” original stars, Rob Paulsen, who has reprised his role[...]

The Best Movies to Watch on a First Date

The big screen is never short of a fresh rom-com or two year after year. Aside from the apparent romance titles, the films are full of other memorable dating scenes that make us laugh and cry for various reasons. So, without further ado, here’s a list of our favorite on-screen dates for your v[...]