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Interview: Filmmaker John Alan Simon

— by BEV QUESTAD — Philip K. Dick, dead by a stroke at age 53 in 1982, was early in his career reduced to buying horse meat, sold for dogs, in order to survive. Now revered as one of the great sci-fi writers of all time, with his work mined for ideas to turn into […][...]

Review: Rage

— by RON WILKINSON — Nicolas Cage plays ex-mobster Paul Maguire in this Cage vehicle for the free and thorough expression of one thing that Cage does well: rage. And there is plenty to rage about in this flick when perky daughter Caitlin is kidnapped and found dead. Maguire reunites with[...]

Review: Heatstroke

— by RON WILKINSON — Evelyn Purcell’s thriller, set in the African desert, combines wild animal mystique with a decidedly feministic point of view. Tally (Svetlana Metkina) and Josie (Maisie Williams) become stranded in the desert and must face the duel threats of dehydration and psych[...]

Review: The Hornet’s Nest

— by RON WILKINSON — It is hard to say where this film fatally diverges from what appears to be its inspiration, “Restrepo,” but it might be that the narration is the first cut. The movie is a documentary of two US military teams pushing into one of Afghanistan’s most hostile valle[...]

Radio Free Albemuth: Official Trailer

— by BEV QUESTAD — Featuring Alanis Morissette, this sci-fi film is centered on a good-natured young man in the ’80s who has a beautiful wife, a dedicated best friend, a job in the family record store and a seeming idyllic life. However, this is all disturbed one night when he wake[...]

Review: Two Raging Grannies

— by BEV QUESTAD — Shirley Morrison, now 92 years old, has a history of speaking her mind, asking the important questions and being jailed over 12 times. Hinda Kipnis, age 85 (b. 1929), is known for her protest parodies and contrarian New York-bred point of view. A glorious Norwegian, H[...]