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Review: I Am Gitmo

— by BEV QUESTAD — This review is the last in a three-part examination of films dealing with the Guantanamo prison situation. It’s a seemingly normal day in Afghanistan. A teacher and his family are in their small home in Kabul. A knock is heard at their door and men take the teacher f[...]

Review: Prince Philip: The Man Behind the Throne

— by WILLIAM STERR — “Prince Philip: The Man Behind the Throne” is a loving, tender, indulgent biography of the late Prince Philip, consort to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, to whom he was married for 73 years. The film begins with a description of Philip’s childhood. He was [...]

Review: My Little One

— by BEV QUESTAD — From the moment we see 10-year-old Frida, with red and yellow Indian war stripes streaked across her face, screech up in an old, beat-up and perhaps stolen truck, we suspect things aren’t exactly as they should be. We are assured of this assumption after we learn she[...]

Review: Death on the Nile

— by WILLIAM STERR — Imagine you are young, of good family, vibrant, intelligent and in love. Desperately in love with a wonderful man for whom you would do anything. This is at the heart of Agatha Christie’s 1937 classic “Death on the Nile.” The late (she died in 1976, two years b[...]

Review: The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

— by WILLIAM STERR — How often does a Nicholas Cage movie come along? OK, every few months. But this one is different – it’s Cage unleashed. OK, so he’s almost always unleashed (and without a muzzle). But how often do you get a Nic Cage movie with multiple Nic Cages? Ha! Got you th[...]

Review: Cow

— by BEV QUESTAD — “Cow” takes place on a big, kindly run English farm. There is no narration. We are simply observers of the life of a particular black and white Holstein (I think) cow, number 1129. The film begins with the camera on her face. We have no idea from her calm demeanor [...]

Review: Hit the Road

— by WILLIAM STERR — “Hit the Road” is a small movie. It has a small cast, and most of the action takes place inside of a small car. It is also a movie with a big, big heart. This is the story of an Iranian family making a road trip across the mostly barren […][...]

Review: Godforsaken

— by WILLIAM STERR — Chad Taylor (Chad Tailor – “B.D.R.M.,” “Resist”) is returning to his Canadian small town home of Harriston for the funeral of a friend. Chad is an indee film maker, and has his camera with him, something that is not welcome at the funeral. He leaves the fun[...]

Review: State Funeral

— by WILLIAM STERR — On March 5, 1953, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin, absolute dictator of the Soviet Union, died. For three days, he had lain in a coma as his condition declined following a massive stroke. For 31 years, from 1922 until his death, he ruled Russia and its vassal states wit[...]

Review: The Contractor

— by BEV QUESTAD — James Foster (formidably played by Chris Pine) is standing at attention, expressionless, while a military board announces that he will receive an honorable discharge with no pension or healthcare. Later, we learn the special forces sergeant has been a heroic combatant [...]