Trailer Talk: ‘The New Daughter’


This new Kevin Costner flick is going straight to DVD. Watch the trailer, and you’ll know why.

The spouse-less John James (Costner), a writer, relocates his young kids Louisa and Sam to a new house in a small South Carolina town. Their house is surrounded by woods, where the kids and their dad go exploring.

Louisa seems to really enjoy her surroundings. One day, she comes home from the forest, and her dad starts to notice some peculiar things about his little girl. It seems Louisa has been spending time on a burial mound — something I figured out from the movie web site, not from the trailer. Louisa stops acting like herself and she makes some kind of a grass doll that her dad finds — and an insect flies out of it. Apparently, this is a big deal.

There are a lot of vague shots in the trailer, such as Costner sitting in the woods in his car when the window breaks, and one that looks like he’s setting the woods on fire. It’s assumed Louisa is possessed by something in the forest, but the trailer doesn’t give much away as to what or who. And my guess is, after watching this trailer, you probably won’t care enough to want to figure this mystery out.

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  1. annielicious14 #

    Here’s the thing………I’d watch it because of the son Sam! tee hee he was the Anti-Christ on Supernatural! What????

  2. mg #

    You’d think if it was good it’d make it to the screen release.It looks pretty cool to me.

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