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Seven Clips from ‘Arthur’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — Is a grown man with a nanny and no job attractive? Many women would probably say no, but I think audiences will find the title star of the remake “Arthur” to be entertaining and sweet. Arthur (Russell Brand) is having fun with his life that includes no[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Sacrifice’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — In “Sacrifice,” a drug ring sends statues of the Virgin Mary made of heroin to the United States. Wanting to keep himself and his sister Angel (Arcadia Kendal) safe, young drug dealer Mike (Devon Bostik) tried to get out of the trade, but ends up getting killed [...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Mr. Popper’s Penguins’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — I love penguins, and they’ve been my favorite animal for a long time. Once my mom realized my love for them, she started buying me everything penguin-related … which is the reason why, at 26, I still own four pairs of penguin pajama pants (thanks, Mom). Sexy[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Cat Run’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — My best friend Teri-Ann always says for her next job (she’s currently a nurse) she wants to be a detective. Something tells me with zero professional detective experience, she would still fair better than the guys of “Cat Run,” who start their own detective ag[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Larry Crowne’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — In the vein of “Up in the Air,” “Larry Crowne” will strike a chord with many audience members in this tumultuous economy. In the film, Larry (Tom Hanks, who also co-wrote and directed the film) is laid off and needs to find his footing after spending years i[...]

Three Clips from ‘The Beaver’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — Mel Gibson. Beaver puppet. Do you really need any other information to be interested in “The Beaver?” I don’t, but if you do, here’s more: Walter (Mel Gibson) is a depressed dad who recently split with his wife Meredith (Jodie Foster, who also directed the f[...]

Exclusive Interview: Writer-Director Jay Jennings

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — Many avid film fans dream of making their own movie, but don’t know the steps to take or where to start. Truly, it can be overwhelming to think about. Thankfully, writer-director-producer (and editor, cinematographer, composer and actor) Jay Jennings, 45, who rece[...]

2 Features from ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — All good Potter fans know “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I” was released in November, and, hopefully, true followers realize the film comes out on Blu Ray on April 15. But before diehards race to the store to pick up the movie, below is a[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Cars 2’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — In the follow-up to the successful 2006 Disney CGI flick, “Cars 2” seems to focus more on honky tonk tow truck Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) over the first film’s star racecar, Lightening McQueen (Owen Wilson). Lightening travels to Europe [...]

Six Clips from ‘Soul Surfer’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — I remember reading about then 13-year-old competitive surfer Bethany Hamilton when she lost her left arm due to a 14-foot tiger shark on Halloween, and was amazed that the young woman had the guts to get back on a surf board and continue to compete. Now, her inspira[...]

Four Clips from ‘Mars Needs Moms’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — When I saw the trailer for the CGI movie “Mars Needs Moms,” I thought … eh. Although the animation is pretty astounding, I don’t have much interest in the plot. After seeing clips from the movie, I stand by my first impression. Milo (voiced by 11-year-ol[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Harvest’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — All young adults have probably found themselves in Josh’s position at one time or another. In “Harvest,” Josh (Jack Carpenter) wants to go to the beach for the summer, but he’s forced to spend it with his family, because his grandpa (Robert Loggia) is dying.[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Super’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — Being a big fan of “The Office,” I have a special place in my heart for Rainn Wilson, so I may be a little biased toward his new movie “Super” (directed by “Office” co-star Jenna Fischer’s ex-husband James Gunn). But even without my love for[...]

Under Review: ‘Beastly’

— by AMANDA KOEHLER — Is “Beastly,” the modern twist on the classic “Beauty and the Beast,” a “tale as old as time?” Methinks not. “Beastly” is based on a 2007 young adult novel by Alex Flinn. It tells the story of gorgeous but arrogant teenager Kyle (Alex Pettyfer of “[...]