Jan Henrik Stahlberg Named President of Berlinale 2012 Jury

Director, screenwriter and actor Jan Henrik Stahlberg will preside over the “Dialogue en perspective” jury at the Berlinale 2012.

Jan Henrik Stahlberg was born in Neuwied/NRW in 1970 and went to France as an exchange student in 1986. He lived with a French family in northern France, in the town of Cambrai. When he returned to Germany he completed high school; afterwards he attended the renowned Belgian acting school IAD (Institut des Arts et de Diffusion) near Brussels. He remained there for five years, and performed at different theatres and in a number of French films.

Jan Henrik Stahlberg and the Berlinale go back a long way. He played his first lead role in the film Science Fiction (dir: Franz Müller), which premiered in the Perspektive Deutsches Kino section in 2003. Stahlberg is best known for his role as psychopathic do-gooder Mux in Muxmäuschenstill (dir: Marcus Mittermeier), a biting satire for which he also wrote the script and was again invited to the Perspektive (2004). His directorial debut, Bye Bye Berlusconi! (2006), and his most recent film, Short Cut to Hollywood (co-directed with Marcus Mittermeier, 2009), both screened in the Panorama.

“I look forward to discussing with young people films made by the next generation of directors,” Jan Henrik Stahlberg remarks about the task he’ll have as jury president. “I’m always interested in other people’s opinions, especially because I rarely share them…”

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