McG in Negotiations to Direct ‘Ouija’


Hollywood is recycling another idea … either that or the folks at Universal have a short memory.

“Witchboard,” starring video vixen Tawny Kitaen, came out over two decades ago in 1986 and the sequel was released in 1993. Now, McG (“Terminator Salvation”), who is in negotiations to direct the supernatural flick “Ouija,” will no doubt make his version scarier but not necessarily less cheesy (see: “Charlie’s Angels”). However, with “Tron: Legacy” screenwriters Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis writing the script, “Ouija” will probably have a more serious and mature tone. Produced by Hasbro’s Brian Goldner and Bennet Schneir, filming is set to begin as early as this summer to ensure Universal’s Nov. 12, 2012, release date.

Here’s an interesting fact. Since 1966, before Hasbro acquired Ouija in1991, Parker Bros. sold approximately 15 million Ouija boards, which means the same number of households now have spirits inhabiting them. Hopefully, none are demonic.

For those who have no idea what “Witchboard” is, I leave you with the following rockin’ trailer. Check out Tawny Kitaen’s amazing nails and hair. Boy, the ’80s were an odd yet awesome time.

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