New Pictures Surface From ‘The Box’ 


New pictures have surfaced from the thriller/horror film “The Box,” starring Cameron Diaz, James Marsden and Frank Langella. 

The movie — based on a 1970 short story by Richard Matheson called “Button, Button” — is being directed by Richard Kelly.
In the story, a plain wrapped box is left on the doorstep of a young financially strapped couple (Marsden and Diaz). Inside the box is a button under a locked window. 

The next morning, a mysterious disfigured man (Langella) tells them by pushing the button two things will happen – instantly someone, somewhere in the world they do not know, will die  – and they will receive a payment of a million dollars. They have 24 hours to decide. 

The couple is unaware but no matter what, they decide consequences have already been set in motion. Langella’s ominous voice warns in the trailer: “There are always consequences.”
Prepare for “The Box” to hit box offices on Nov 6.
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  1. denise #

    Very cool.

  2. Mo GB #

    I’m curious as to how they will expand this to a full-length feature.

  3. Linda #

    This sounds good. Both my husband and I like thrillers and Frank Langella is great. James Marsden is cute too. My hubby will even be happy with Cameron Diaz in the picture.