See More New Images from ‘X-Men: First Class’


This is much better. Michael Fassbender (Magneto) and James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) look pretty darn cool. Kevin Bacon — suave. January Jones, appearing very trim in her white leather outfit, still doesn’t do it for me. I really like the suit, however. Come October, the skin tight number will be very popular. Yes, I’m sure some fanboys have no qualms with Jones. But in my humble opinion she looks like a fem-bot from “Austin Powers” and not Emma Frost.

As mentioned before in a prior story, “X-Men: First Class” is in the process of re-shoots. Director Matthew Vaughn spoke with the L.A. Times about the pressure he’s under to get this film finished for the June 3 release date. In the article, he has some choice words about “Green Lantern” — which he’s not all too sure of — and he gives his opinion on the X-Men brand.

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It’s a rather informative interview that gives a bit more insight on what Vaughn is going for. “X-Men: First Class” is not a reboot, it’s a prequel set in the ’60s. An origin story if you will.

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