Short Film Theater: ‘Please Say Something’


This short film tells the tale of a troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse. They don’t get along, but these two sleep together — maybe not happily, but they do.

To be completely honest, the first time I turned it on I had to come back to it with an open mind. When I did, I was extremely glad I did because it was a really heartfelt little story these two have and also I found some lines quite funny.

When you start watching, don’t be fooled by the unique animation; it’s still very good, as it has even won the Golden Bear for Best Short Film at the 59th Berlin International Film Festival and the prestigious Cartoon d’Or 2009 for best European animated short film.

The film is a groundbreaking contemporary 3-D short set in the distant future; to me it looks like a crazy alternate world.

The final film was completed in January 2009 and contains 23 episodes of exactly 25 seconds each. “Please Say Something” was created by German-based filmmaker David O’Reilly, who has also created quite a number of other shorts as well.

Please Say Something – Full Length from David OReilly on Vimeo.

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  1. Disco #

    That was cool.

  2. Jen #

    That was intriguing.

  3. Beanie #

    Once I got into the animation, I really enjoyed that.