Short Film Theater: ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation’


After trending consistently on Twitter for more than two weeks and being praised by fans and commended by the critics, “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” has already become a cult favorite. Several of the fans who have watched it expressed their excitement with unique comments I had never heard before when describing a movie. There were quotes like, “Scott Pilgrim is a different style of expression on film.” Those types of comments are what really enflame my curiosity for a movie.

It was surprising to read the stumpy box office figures that it generated in its opening weekend, however. Many were sad about this, but it is important to say that how much money a movie makes or doesn’t make is not a true reflection on it being good or bad. It is simply the result of actor popularity, pull and timing.

Personally, I believe it takes a combination of infinite circumstances for a movie to truly explode in the box office.

Yet, those who watched it are still celebrating their excitement for the film, so I am sure that they will appreciate the clip embedded below. It is an animated short film that runs just under four minutes and was created by the Adult Swim folks.

Titled “Scott Pilgrim vs. the Animation,” it is a prequel that tells part of Bryan Lee O’Malley’s “Scott Pilgrim” story. This is important and fun material that didn’t make it into the movie. It has fighting, it shows how they tried putting the band together, and it contains the same cool sound effects from the movie. Take it as a deleted scene, or a future special edition DVD version, but it is faithful to the movie. After watching it, share your best quotes that describe what you thought about the movie.

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