Sin City 2 to Shoot this Summer?


So sayeth Robert Rodriguez. I wonder if the actors know about this? In 2009, Clive Owen, who played Dwight in the first film, said production would begin in 2010. Rosario Dawson, formerly known as the gun toting Gail, didn’t know when filming would start when she was interviewed shortly after Brittany Murphy’s tragic and sudden death.

Almost every year, Rodriguez announces a return to Frank Miller’s neo-noir graphic novel series and instead we get another “Spy Kids” film. That said, forgive me for not being overly excited.

The sequel is supposedly based on “A Dame to Kill For,” the second story in the “Sin City” series. In it, we’ll see the return of Nancy (Jessica Alba), Marv (Mickey Rourke), Dwight (Owen) and Gail (Dawson). At one point Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Rachel Weisz were all in the running to play femme fatale Ava Lord, Dwight’s ex lover. But since the project never moved forward, none of the accomplished actresses were signed.

Since filming is slated to begin after Rodriguez wraps “Machete 2” — which is to shoot next month — Jolie is definitely out as principal photography for “Maleficent” starts in June. Hopefully, Rodriguez will circle back to Weisz’s camp. She’d make the perfect Ava Lord.

In addition to the “Sin City 2” news, Rodriguez also announced his plans to move forward with “Heavy Metal” and the launch of his own cable network, named El Rey, which should go live late 2013. There was no word on where “Fire And Ice,” a joint juncture with the Frank Frezetta estate, stands.

So, are you chomping at the bit for “Sin City 2”? Or are you like me, a cynic who doubts the second installment will come to fruition given the list of other projects under Robert Rodriguez’s belt. Well, at least “Spy Kids 5” isn’t one of them.

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