Six Clips from ‘Horrible Bosses’


We have all had them, a boss that is either mean or verbally abusive. I’ve had managers that have given me their work to do and I did it happily thinking I was helping them out and gaining experience, and then they took credit for it. Either way, every single person that has ever worked for somebody else has felt the aggravation involved with working, but most of us have never seriously considered killing our bosses (at least I hope not). That is exactly what is taking place in Seth Gordon’s new dark comedy “Horrible Bosses.”

When three friends — Nick (Jason Bateman), Dale (Charlie Day) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) — grow tired of being disrespected and under-appreciated by their bosses, they decide that the only way to get around them and climb the ultimate ladder to happiness and success it to take them out of the equation. In these first three clips, we see probable cause on each of their parts as they are sexually harassed, belittled and insulted by their bosses: Bobby Pellitt (Colin Farrell), Dr. Julia Harris (Jennifer Aniston) and Dave Harken (Kevin Spacey).

After seeing why they want to kill their bosses, we get three more clips showing them trying to figure out how to do it. After trying on their own by finding a hit man online, they turn to someone with a little more experience in illegal affairs, Dean Jones (Jamie Foxx), who happens to be a hit man himself, but decides to act as the three friends’ murder consultant, giving them advice on how to do it and not get caught.

In the final clip we clearly see the amateurish actions of Nick, Dale and Kurt as they “stake-out” the houses of one of the bosses and park directly in front of it. After a long day of waiting, they get lucky and sneak their way in, but one of them is too slow.

After seeing the trailer and the red-band trailer, I know that there are some great one-liners in the film. The question that has yet to be answered is “will this film be as funny as the parts we see in the trailers?” I truly do hope so since it has some amazing comedic and acting talent in it.

I am also very intrigued to see how Jennifer Aniston pulls off not being her typical self as she is thrown into a darker role. I am surprised that they haven’t released more clips that show off the darker comedy in the film, but maybe New Line Cinema and Warner Bros. Pictures are trying not to show too much in the advertisement so that there are surprises when you actually see the film.

So what do you think of the film, cast, comedy and overall tone of the film that we see from these six clips? Is this a movie you’re going to be seeing opening weekend?

“Horrible Bosses” is rated R and opens everywhere July 8.

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