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Under Review: ‘Battle: Los Angeles’

— by ADAM POYNTER — Alien invasion movie have been around for a long time, so finding one that is completely original and satisfying on all levels is rare. With “Battle: Los Angeles,” Relativity Media and Columbia Pictures have given director Jonathan Liebesman — who is virtual[...]

Two Clips from ‘Battle: Los Angeles’

— by JOSUE SANCHEZ — It appears the onslaught of alien-invasion plots will continue to occupy our movies and television shows indefinitely. The TNT cable network is currently producing a large scale TV show called “Falling Skies” about this very theme. And we are already in t[...]

Trailer Talk: ‘Battle: Los Angeles’ (Teaser Version)

— by CHRIS HYATT — Thanks to the underdog success of “District 9,” and Michael Bay’s talent of sacrificing quality for CGI, the alien invasion sub-genre of sci-fi is back in business. On the heels of “Skyline,” comes “Battle: Los Angeles” from fi[...]