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The Avengers Breaks Box Office Records

— by ADAM POYNTER — There is no question that the world has been waiting and anticipating the arriving of Marvel’s “The Avengers” — but I don’t think we had any idea the true smashing power it could have on the competition this weekend. With rough early estimates[...]

Review: Marvel’s The Avengers

— by ADAM DALE — With just under three weeks until its United States release date, Marvel granted a very select few people tickets to see “The Avengers” in stunning IMAX 3D in four locations. This was the ultimate reward for the most diehard of fans, and although it was[...]

The Hulk is Returning … Without Edward Norton

— by ALEXA MILAN — Remember in “The Incredible Hulk” when Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark told the general about a certain team he was involved with? Well it looks like Edward Norton’s Hulk won’t be a part of that team. While The Hulk will still appear in the[...]