There CAN Be More Than One ‘Highlander’

— by NOAH VOGT —

Reboot trend in Hollywood is still in full swing as evidenced by the news that Summit Entertainment is producing an updated version of “Highlander.” I swear nothing in Hollywood is sacred anymore.

The studio has announced that they have hired director Justin Lin and producer Neal H. Mortiz to handle the re-imagining of this film. In case you were wondering, Lin and Mortiz are the guys behind “Fast & Furious.”

The studio plans to have Lin and Mortiz’s Highlander reboot be the start of what they hope is a new franchise of films. No release date had been announced for the film.

The 1986 original, which starred Christopher Lambert and screen icon Sean Connery, centered around the story of the last two surviving immortals — Scotsman Connor MacLeod and the barbaric Kurgan (played by the wonderfully sadistic Clancy Brown), battling to be last of their kind and claim “the Prize.”

The film is considered to be a cult classic and beloved by many. As is the case with most cult films, “Highlander” is pretty cheesy, but a ton of fun.

Although I’ve grown quite tired of Hollywood rebooting everything, I see no harm in this one. I mean, it’s not like we’re talking about “Citizen Kane” here.

Lin and Mortiz are exactly the kind of filmmakers for a project like this and if they get the right actors in place, the film could be a great time at cinema.

Then again, how could anyone replace Sean Connery as an Egyptian with a Scottish accent? After all, “There can be only one!”

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