Trailer: Paranormal Activity 4


Paramount released the first trailer for “Paranormal Activity 4” today and, as one would expect, more lost video footage was recovered. As the tagline “All of the activity has led to this” suggests, “PA 4” happens right after the second film.

Check the trailer below for snippets of what appears to be Hunter, who was kidnapped by demon Katie in “Paranormal Activity 2.” In general, the tone is pretty identical to the third film, which makes sense since Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, who helmed “PA3,” are back to direct. However, I found this new actress to be a bit distracting. She looks like an actress; whereas Katie Featherstone was believable as the girl next door. Hopefully, the choice won’t detract from overall scares.

“Paranormal Activity 4” opens in theaters on Oct. 19. I imagine it will pull in the same amount of coin — if not more — than the previous installments. Speaking only for myself, even though I wasn’t creeped out or overly impressed by the trailer, I do want to see what happened to baby Hunter and, of course, Auntie Katie. Plus, the scariest stuff is never shown in the trailer.

For those who would like to view the film before it opens in theaters, advanced screenings will be held. You can qualify your city if you like “Paranormal Activity 4’s” Facebook page. Or you can visit the official site at

What is your take on the trailer? Are you excited about “Paranormal Activity 4”? Hit the box on your right with your thoughts.

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