Trailer Talk: ‘Tales from the Script’


The screenwriter is arguably the most important person in the filmmaking process, because without a screenwriter, you have no script, and that’s where it all begins. But somehow, screenwriters are often either ignored completely, or blamed for any problem a movie has. So if the job is so thankless, why does anyone strive to become a screenwriter?

That’s the question the documentary “Tales from the Script” sets out to answer. Interviewing dozens of screenwriters from every genre, the movie allows them to share their war stories, chronicling the highs and lows of the movie making industry, their triumphs and failures, and revealing the reasons why they continue to work in such a cutthroat business.

“Tales from the Script” has played at several film festivals and will have a limited U.S. release on March 12, with a DVD release planned for April 20.

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    I wouldn’t mind checking this out.

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