Trailer Talk: ‘Blackthorn’


Not many names in Western lore have as much impact as Butch Cassidy. Cassidy was supposedly killed in Bolivia in 1908 when he and the Sundance kid got into a fatal shootout with the Bolivian Police.

In the upcoming film “Blackthorn,” we see that Cassidy survived the fatal shooting and has been living quietly in Bolivia under the name James Blackthorn ever since. Older and more grizzled, the aged Cassidy (Sam Shepard) decides that he wants to be home to see his family and friends before he dies.

On his long journey home to the United States, he encounters a young ambitious thief (Eduardo Noriega) who sidetracks his plans and thrust him into an adventure he never planned on. Now together, they must fight and outrun the law in order to survive and eventually get home.

My first impression of the movie based off this trailer is that it does appear to be a typical Western, but the entire movie was shot in Bolivia and the beautiful sweeping landscapes are so reminiscent of the classic American Western that it will be fun to see the differences.

I must say that I am not a big fan of the Western genre, although I did love “True Grit.” The thing that makes me want to see this movie is that it is a story never told, a “what if” scenario. Besides Shepard and Stephen Rea, I am not sure if I am familiar with anymore of the cast, but it still seems like a unique idea for a movie.

For those that might be interested, there are a few ways that you can catch this adventure. It will have a limited release in theaters Oct. 7, but will be available to purchase “On Demand” from your local cable or satellite provider starting Sept. 2.

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