Trailer Talk: ‘Cedar Rapids’


I’m glad someone else realizes just how funny Ed Helms is. Widely known as Andy from “The Office,” Helms was hilarious in “The Hangover.” Thanks to that 2009 hit, the actor from Atlanta is starring in his own movie this year, “Cedar Rapids.” In it, Helms plays Tim Lippe an insurance agent off to represent his company at a convention held at, you guessed it, Cedar Rapids.

Also in the film are Anne Heche (“Hung”), Isaiah Whitlock Jr. (“The Wire”) and John C. Reilly (“Cyrus”). Comedy ensues when the trio gets together.

This appears to be a do-or-die situation for Tim, whose boss considers him a bit of a disappointment. Set out to prove his worth, and against his boss’s wishes, Lippe enlists the help of Dean Zieglar (Reilly), who is an unconventional salesman at best. There appears to be plenty of gags to keep the audience entertained. Whitlock Jr’s facial expression when he walks in on a shirtless and pantless John C. Reilly is chuckle worthy. And the bit about “The Wire” is clever and funny, given that Whitlock Jr. starred in the gritty series.

“Cedar Rapids” may not be as comical as “The Hangover,” but with “Youth in Revolt” director Miguel Arteta behind the lens, I doubt it will be a let down.

“Cedar Rapids” opens in theaters Feb. 11.

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