Trailer Talk: ‘Hugo’


At this point in his career, you might think that you would know what constitutes a Martin Scorsese film. Well, think again as the acclaimed director has done a completely different film then what we are used to. In his new cinematic 3D event “Hugo,” he takes his patented camera moves, drops his typical gratuitous violence and applies his talents to a new genre — a family film based on the book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret.”

“Hugo” is set in 1930s Paris, where a young orphan boy, Hugo (Asa Butterfield), is living in the walls of a train station. After his father (Jude Law) passes, he is left with a mysterious automaton and with the help of an eccentric girl Isabelle (Chloё Moretz), he searches for answers to the mystery that links his father to an angry toy shop owner and a curious heart-shaped lock that is seemingly without a key.

Dealing constantly with a train station inspector (Sacha Baron Cohen), Hugo must outrun, and outwit him in order to be able to stay long enough to solve the mystery. What is the last piece of the puzzle that he needs to uncover?

This first trailer sets up a magical world for our hero to travel through. Almost seeming like an animated feature at times, it looks like a beautiful world, with sets made up of giant cogs, pipes and secret passageways. They are obviously utilizing the 3D technology as is apparent in the trailer, almost to the point of gimmickry, but with so many films being converted into post production 3D, I don’t really blame Scorsese for wanting to establish early on that this film was shot in 3D. We don’t see a lot of the story or even all of the characters in this trailer, but I think it’s in part to wanting to preserve some of the mystery to the film.

“Hugo” — which opens in theaters Nov. 23 — also stars Ben Kingsley, Emily Mortimer, Ray Winstone, Helen McCrory, and Christopher Lee. Check out the all new trailer below.

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