Trailer Talk: ‘Jack and Jill’


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a twin? Someone to share your birthday with, maybe even have the twin power? What would it be like to know what the other is feeling, have the same likes or dislikes, or the feeling that you can’t stand to be away from each other? Then again, you could have a twin like Adam Sadalstein.

Adam Sadalstein (played by Adam Sandler) is an advertising executive in Los Angeles who dreads the yearly visit from his twin sister from the Bronx, Jill (also played by Adam Sandler). Jill seems to be the other side of the twin coin. She is not shy, and her neediness coupled with her passive-aggressiveness drives Jack crazy and turns his normally quiet life upside down.

Director Dennis Dugan, who has helmed several Adam Sandler films, and writer Steve Koren seem to deliver another Sandler vehicle filled with the one-liners and physical comedy that he has been known for. And Adam Sandler in a wig and dress? Not bad looking.

“Jack and Jill,” which opens in theatres Nov. 11 (aka 11-11-11), also stars Katie Holmes and Al Pacino.

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