Trailer Talk: ‘The Corridor’


Camping with a group of friends is nothing new to the horror genre, but from the looks of the trailer for “The Corridor,” this flick is going to bring us a little something unique.

At first glance, I was a little put off because it appeared a tad like a rip off of Stephen King’s “Dreamcatcer”; but after watching the trailer in its entirety, I changed my mind … it looks better!

A group of best buds take a weekend away from their separated and evolving lives. In the woods, they find a corridor of sorts, and it will lead the five men into a hostile state both mentally and physically. As with any good scary movie, you start with a certain amount of characters, and death takes its toll one by one. Normally, I’m a balls to the wall, blood and guts kind of gal, but I’m all for a good mind eraser. This looks to be a film with less innards and more psychological freak out.

I have often found that horror films from different countries can enlighten us Americans and bring us something we are not used to. “The Ring,” “The Grudge” and “The Eye,” all great examples. Japan is notorious for bringing its scaries to us.

“The Corridor” however, is coming to us from Canada, so I am quite interested in seeing what it has to offer, as I have, in fact, enjoyed other Canadian horror films. And let’s face it, our own scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis owes a lot to such Canadian horror flicks as “Prom Night” and “Terror Train.” I even enjoyed the original “Black Christmas” and “My Bloody Valentine,” both of Canadian descent. One of my favorite directors happens to be David Cronenberg, who has been behind many Canadian horror and who brought us “A History Of Violence,” “Eastern Promises” and one of my favorites, “The Fly” remake with Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis.

I already have “The Corridor” saved to my Netflix queue and will bump it up towards the top as soon as it becomes available. I’m not counting on it being super scary, but I hope it twists and turns and leaves some unpredictability in its tracks. And even if it’s horrible, I would bet money that it will still out-do “Dreamcatcher.”

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