Trailer Talk: ‘This Means War’


With superb performances in “Bronson” and “Inception” and with upcoming projects like “Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy” and “The Dark Knight Rises,” Tom Hardy is one of the most promising up and coming actors around. And virtually every good actor at some point in their careers has had one of those movies that you know was most likely for the paycheck. But even so, upon seeing the trailer for “This Means War,” I couldn’t help but think, “Really Tom Hardy? You can do better than this.”

Hardy and Chris Pine play best friends/CIA agents who have saved the country more than a few times. They’re virtually joined at the hip, until they realize they’re both dating the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). They both agree to continue dating her and let her decide, but neither is going down without a fight. They use the plethora of technologies and top-notch agents at their disposal to bring each other down and get the girl. Because clearly the CIA has nothing better to do than involve itself in a love triangle.

I enjoy all three of the lead actors in this movie, but the trailer just falls flat for me. I’m not opposed to a fun, cute romantic comedy every once in awhile, and I wish “This Means War” would prove me wrong given the talent involved. But the laughs in the trailer were few and far between, and McG attached as director doesn’t do much to boost my hopes.

“This Means War” hits theaters Feb. 17.

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