Trailer Talk: ‘Today’s Special’


I cannot bake cookies. Normally, this would not be a problem, but for someone who works in a bakery and has an apron for every day of the week, it is a bit embarrassing. However, compared to Samir, a chef who grew up on Indian food but cannot make it, perhaps I don’t have it so bad.

The trailer for “Today’s Special” serves up (har har) the film’s plot. Samir is a sous chef who plans to go to France, every film chef’s ultimate goal. When his father gets sick, however, Samir decides to take over the family’s Indian restaurant.

Cooking films have the potential for lots of slapstick and visual humor: a blender without the top on, some disgusting-looking finished product, and something catching on fire. The trailer for “Today’s Special” doesn’t go in that direction, though, and still manages to be humorous. I particularly like the “Today’s Special Is … Trust Me”.

Cooking is a big part in everyone’s life from baking with your grandmother to trying to make your first homemade meal to the inevitable burning something pass salvaging; cooking creates memories, so it’s good to see “Today’s Special” puts heart into the film.

“Today’s Special” stars “The Daily Show”s Aasif Mandvi and will be in select theatres beginning Oct. 8.

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