Wahlberg donates money to Time’s Up Fund


Mark Wahlberg has donated the $1.5 million he took as a reward for film reshoots for “All the Money in the World” to the Time’s Up fund. Furthermore, he has done so in the name of his co-star, Michelle Williams, who was paid only $1,000 for the re-shoots that were required.

Increasing levels of awareness and anger

This donation comes at time of rising levels of awareness and anger at sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace as touched off by revelations of the many years of sexually predatory actions by producer Harvey Weinstein. It was this same movement, in fact, that prompted Ridley Scott to decide on the re-shoot in the first place: one of the film’s stars, Kevin Spacey, has been accused of sexual misconduct. The re-shoots took ten days to complete after Christopher Plummer replaced Stacey.

Highest-paid actor meets founding member of Time’s Up

In the same way that the best slots NZ has to offer are a meeting of excellent design and great storytelling, Wahlberg was the highest-paid male actor last year, according to Forbes, and Williams was a founding member of Time’s Up. The William Morris Endeavour agency is in charge of representation for both actors, and has released a statement that an additional $500,000 will be donated, also in Williams’ name.

Scott initially said the re-shoots were unpaid

Initially, Scott informed the press that all of the actors involved had done the required re-shoots for free. Just days after this, however, anonymous sources informed USA Today that Wahlberg had been paid $1.5 million to do his work, and Williams had received as little as $1,000, unfair treatment from any perspective.

Jessica Chastain tweeted about the rumours, and asked if there was anyone who could clarify what had occurred. She ended her tweet saying she hoped Williams had been paid fairly because she had added so much to the movie.

Golden Globe nominations for Plummer, Williams

Both Plummer and Williams were nominated for a Golden Globe for their performances in “All the Money in the World,” a film that looks at the kidnapping of billionaire J Paul Getty’s son.

The movie follows John Paul Getty III, a 16-year old played by Charlie Plummer, getting kidnapped, and the increasing desperation shown by his devoted mother, Gail, played by Michelle Williams, to show his billionaire grandfather, Christopher Plummer, the danger in the situation and to get him to pay the ransom.

When the senior Getty refuses, Gail attempts to change his mind, as the people who have kidnapped her son are becoming increasingly brutal and violent. With her son’s very life hanging in the balance, Gail and Getty’s adviser, played by Mark Wahlberg, become rather unlikely allies in the race against time, and the true and lasting value that love enjoys over money is revealed in the process.

While the timing may be suspicious, the donation by Wahlberg is needed, and will be put to use to get a lot of good work accomplished.

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