13 Clips From ‘Tapestries of Hope’


“Tapestries of Hope” tells the story of women, specifically those in Zimbabwe. The documentary, by Michealene Cristi Risley, focuses on the continuing rape and abuse of an untold number of women in a country in which notions of independence and liberation must often seem not simply like unachievable pipe-dreams, but a cruel joke. The film’s aim is to raise awareness for the subject in order to cause some sort of action to take place.

The clips here are powerful. I personally responded to the one called “Education is Freedom,” in which one woman involved discusses its importance in words charged with both the direness of the situation and a genuine love and care for the young girls.

Other clips feature narration by the director which doesn’t work quite as well. Too simple and journalistic. The message is a vital one, which needs to be told, but will people want to see a film about a subject so bleak?

“Tapestries of Hope,” as the title suggests, seeks to create awareness for the issue and also show the hope which exists for the women right now.

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    Powerful stuff.