A Clip From ‘New Moon’


In just a few short weeks, women of all ages (and probably some men too) will flood cinemas everywhere to see “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” the second installment in the series based on Stephenie Meyer’s books. The popular teen vampire franchise has taken Hollywood by storm, and now fans can get a sneak peek at one of the film’s pivotal scenes.

In “New Moon,” a run-in with Edward’s (Robert Pattinson) brother leaves Bella (Kristen Stewart) injured, prompting Edward to leave town, thinking distancing himself from Bella will keep her safe.

Heartbroken and numb, Bella turns to her best friend Jacob (Taylor Lautner) for comfort. But even though the vampires are gone, Bella’s life still isn’t completely free of supernatural beings.

I’ll admit I’m a fan of the “Twilight” books, and I enjoyed the first movie even though it was by no means a great film. Based on this clip and the other footage that has been released so far, I think bringing on Chris Weitz as director is going to be a positive change.

Though some of the acting in this new clip is still a little wooden and the special effects aren’t perfect, I think it looks far better than the first film. “Twilight” fans will love it and “Twilight” haters will hate it, but overall I think this is a pretty cool clip.

In the clip below, Bella finds out Jacob is more than meets the eye.

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    Thank goodness my daughter is old enough to go see this with friends. I do not want to set through another one of these movies.