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After repeatedly being pushed back, Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones” finally hits theaters this holiday season. Based on the trailer and early footage, this film possibly will be a major awards contender this year.

Based on the bestselling novel by Alice Sebold, “The Lovely Bones” centers on Susie Salmon, a 14-year-old girl who is murdered on her way home from school one day. The story is told from Susie’s perspective from heaven, which proves to be a mystical place that looks different to everyone who resides there.

Susie watches from heaven as her killer (Stanley Tucci) goes uncaught, her mother (Rachel Weisz) grieves and begins distancing herself from the family, her father (Mark Wahlberg) becomes obsessed with finding her killer, and her younger sister (Rose McIver) gets caught in the middle of it all.

I’m a fan of the book, and I’m happy this movie is finally being released. I’m a little hesitant that the film’s PG-13 rating means the story was toned down from the very dark book, but I trust Jackson and his talented cast with the material.

“The Lovely Bones” opens in limited release Dec. 11 before going wide Jan. 15.

In this clip, before she dies, Susie encounters a charming classmate (Reece Ritchie) whom she has a crush on.

The Lovely Bones Exclusive Clip

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    Early word on this movie has not been good.