A Featurette from ‘Green Lantern’


Go ahead and count me in with the excited crowd who are anxiously awaiting the “Green Lantern” premiere on June 17.

If you feel the same way, perhaps you will enjoy the embedded clip below. It is an extended look at the movie and it includes actor Ryan Reynolds, director Martin Campbell and comics superstar Geoff Johns. It has cool images and some nice behind-the-scenes footage.

With the film’s release so close, I am really stoked to see how it will perform, especially since there is so much riding on its success.

I mean it’s no secret DC is not the risk-taker that Marvel has been in the last decade. With just a Batman movie, a Superman movie, and a couple of TV shows, DC has a lot of un-used potential stored away, and a non Superman-Batman hit would be the key to finally start taking some more chances.

I am also curious about how the critics will respond to this movie. Already they have disliked a number of big mainstream movies this year (like “Pirates of the Caribbean 4” and “The Hangover Part II”), and yet these have gone on to make great profits.

So, are you excited for “Green Lantern?” Will you be watching it in theaters come June 17?

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  1. Hal9000 #

    I’d say Watchmen was a pretty huge risk for DC. One which didn’t pay off as well as they probably hoped.

  2. Jackson #

    When it comes to movies, profit has little correlation with quality. Transformers 2 made close to a billion dollars worldwide.