A Featurette from ‘Morning Glory’


Becky Fuller (Rachel McAdams) has been hired as the new executive producer on a morning news show called Daybreak. Despite the fact that the job will be stressful and rule her life, she’s pretty psyched. However, she needs to learn how to deal with her diva anchor Colleen (Diane Keaton), and after getting well-known reporter Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) to co-anchor, she has to play referee to the feuding TV personalities and convince curmudgeon-y Mike to say certain words on air, like “fluffy.”

Becky realizes her career may be overtaking her entire life when her obsession with work hurts a potential relationship with a coworker (played by Patrick Wilson). In the cast interviews interspersed with these clips (many of which you may have already seen), Wilson describes Becky as someone who “misses the boat” when it comes to romantic relationships.

Ford said he signed on to the project because he loves doing comedies and hasn’t had the chance to do that many, but he also says the script for “Morning Glory” was one of the funniest he’s ever read. Setting the bar high there, Indy! But his facial expressions are pretty hilarious here. Watch him as he tells Becky “I’ve had lunch with Dick Cheney.”

All of the cast members say this is a film with laughs and emotion, and Keaton points out it also shows a friendship (Becky and Mike’s) that spans generations. In fact, it looks like Mike is the one to tell Becky she needs to slow down her career, or else she’ll end up alone.

Let’s hope that with a great cast, and J.J. Abrams as one of the producers, “Morning Glory” will soar and not sink in the overcrowded sea of chick flicks.

“Morning Glory” hits theaters on Nov. 10.

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