A First Look at Chris Hemsworth as Thor


Marvel has released the first official picture of Chris Hemsworth in his official Thor wardrobe via Yahoo.

Thor isn’t one of Marvel’s best-known characters, but he has had a solid fan base for years and he is now getting the big screen treatment.

This film has been in talks to be made ever since 1990 and then was cast-off until 1997. It was originally planned to be a made-for-TV movie, but then with the success of other Marvel movies, it was switched to be a theatrical release. It has gone through about a dozen directors, tons of re-writes and many writers, but now it is finally happening, as principal shooting began in January.

Thor has gone through many incarnations and adaptations since its creation in the late ’60s. He has taken on many forms in the comics, some of which the fans have dubbed “Classic Thor” and “Ultimate Thor.” He has appeared in many cartoons over the years, including the recent Marvel full-length animated feature films “The Ultimate Avengers” and “Hulk vs. Thor.” They also have an animated television show planned for early next year and a “Thor” animated feature due on DVD right before the movie comes out, plus a game in the works by Sega. They have a whole campaign planned out to introduce Thor to a new generation of unaware viewers, but will this be enough for audiences to welcome a more “out of this world character” than we have seen in the past?

Thor is a mighty but arrogant god of Norse mythology. Thor — the son of Odin, king of the gods and ruler of the heavenly realm Asgard — is banished to Earth as punishment for his mindless actions that re-ignite an ancient war. Stripped of his memories, Thor must learn to wield his mighty powers and the mighty hammer Mjöllnir and use it to be a true hero when his villainous step-brother Loki, the “God of Mischief,” sends his strongest battalion of evil warriors to conquer Earth. In addition, Thor has an alter ego: the mortal Dr. Donald Blake, who is trying to help people. Blake’s love interest is nurse Jane Foster.

The film is being directed by Kenneth Branagh, who has been chosen to helm a cast that features a mixture of stars and unknowns, including: Chris Hemsworth (“Star Trek,” “A Perfect Getaway”) as Thor; Natalie Portman (“Brothers,” “The Other Boleyn Girl”) as Jane Foster; Anthony Hopkins (“The Wolfman,” “Silence of the Lambs”) as Odin; Tom Hiddleston (TV shows “Suburban Shootout,” “Wallander”) as Loki; and also Rene Russo, Kat Dennings, Idris Elba, Ray Stevenson, Stellan Skarsgård and Jaimie Alexander.

From the picture, you see that Chris Hemsworth has all of the basics to look like Thor: the long blond hair, the flowing red cape and the strong metallic armor. I think that the whole movie’s success depends on whether he can pull off the arrogant, prideful and sometimes dim-witted character of Thor. I’ve seen that they are not planning on speaking the old English like he normally has in the past, so that accent won’t be a problem. What this movie needs is a good script, an excellent leading man and a director with the proper vision if it is to secure a place on the top shelf of Super Hero movies.

The film is set to grace us mere mortals in theaters May 2011.

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  1. Andrea #

    I love you reviews Mr. Poynter. Very informative.

  2. 2

    He looks great. I cant wait to see more from the film.

  3. Jessika #

    I can’t wait! My moms ex husband collected Thor comics and I would sneak into his closet and take them out of the plastics and read them! OOPS

  4. Reed #

    In this pic he looks more like a medievil knight. Yeah Thor should be pretty cool, not as amazing as iron man. But a quality marvel movie adaptation seems appropiate.