A Scene from ‘Henry’s Crime’


I never thought the star of “The Matrix” and “Speed” would be taking such long breaks between his movies. After the “Lake House” in 2006, it took two years for him return to the screen with “Street Kings” and “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” So now, after another long two-year break, once again we are hearing of his new movie “Henry’s Crime” for 2010.

I personally have enjoyed all of the afore mentioned movies. Yes, even the “Lake House,” and yes, I enjoyed “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” So as you can imagine, I am very curious and looking forward to his next performance in this new movie. In “Henry’s Crime,” it appears Keanu Reeves’ character (Henry) has been accused of a crime he did not commit and is sent to jail. While serving his time, he meets James Caan’s character, Max. After serving his time and he gets out of jail, it appears he has the sudden realization to rob the bank for which he was already been sent erroneously incarcerated.

If my memory serves me correctly, Reeves has never played this type of role before. The embedded video below is a clip from the movie. Here we find Henry seeking out the aid of James Caan’s character Max, to help him with the heist he is planning. It is interesting to me how much of the attention from the camera goes to Caan’s character, check it out. Without a doubt, Reeves is outshined by the veteran “Godfather” actor. Need I say more?

Yes, I have just one other bone to pick: Is this movie a crime drama, a mob movie, or an action movie? Because everywhere I look, it is being described like a romantic comedy. A romantic comedy — are you serious? Perhaps this is a mistake, but I am curious for clarification.

Well, there you have it friends. Will this movie help Keanu re-ignite his career? Not sure, but I can see this movie going straight to video. Personally, I don’t feel that it going straight to video reflects on the quality of the movie, although I know many of you may disagree. So what do you think about “Henry’s Crime?” Speak your mind off comments section to the right, I am really curious of what you guys have to say about this one.

“Henry’s Crime” is scheduled to pop up at some point in 2010.

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  1. Adam Poynter #

    This was a movie that was not on my radar, so thanks for the article informing me of it!

  2. Darian #

    I’d see this.

  3. Paul #

    I just can’t get over that beard …